Frank Gregorsky

Independent Book Editor

Landline & voicemail 703-281-1674    Oakton, Virginia




      A three-decade track record in research, publishing and editorial management

      Understands the managerial need to maintain a coalition," while also being

      skilled at weeding out delays, asking right questions, and dissipating the fog


The Stream, Christian Science Monitor, Human Events, Indianapolis Star, National Review, New York Times, Policy Review, Privatization Review, Regulation, Renewing American Civilization, Roll Call, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, Tacoma News-Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Washington Times.


Founder of ORAL HISTORY FOR FAMILIES, organizing the discussions of family elders on sets of tracked and indexed stereo audiodiscs. Four dozen projects, meticulously edited.

Founder, main writer and talent recruiter for, June 1998 to September 2003 (the site is no longer active, but slices of it are cached here and there)

Interviewer and sole writer for the book-length Women Business Owners in Post-Corporate America, published in January 1997 by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress -- hard copy no longer available, but here's the spinoff web display


MOST DOWNLOADED ESSAYS -- Peter Drucker's m.o. and "Big Biz Bombs"




     Editorial Advisor, Trustscape LLC -- April 2012 to now


     Research Director, The Public Governance Institute, a part-time but long-term "job" centered on producing a manuscript for two authors, one of them the Institute's founder, on complex change projects in the public sector -- April 2002 to July 2006.


     Program Manager, Discovery Institute (Seattle) -- September 1996 to February 1999


     Publications Director, The Congressional Institute Inc. -- August 1991 to February 1994


     Special-Projects Director, The House Republican Conference -- December 1988 to May 1991


     Editor, The House Republican, a newsletter published by the House Republican Research Committee (1986-87) and then the Policy Committee (1987-88)


     Editor and co-writer of a newsletter for CEOs and political operatives, published by The Eddie Mahe Company -- April 1986 to February 1988, and a revamped version April to September 1991


     Staff Writer, White House Department of Public Affairs -- June to December 1985


    Editor, Republican Study Committee Bulletin -- August 1983 to June 1985


     Chief-of-Staff, Congressman Newt Gingrich -- November 1981 to July 1983


     Columnist for the Douglas County Sentinel (GA) -- June 1979 to July 1982





West Georgia College (Carrollton), 1978-79 and 1981 -- 120 credits

Richland Community College (Garland, Texas), 1976-77 -- 18 credits

University of South Florida (Tampa), 1974-75 -- 60 credits



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