Frank -- Early in the game, when it became apparent that you had taken on this [manuscript-completion] project as personally as you did, I felt honored that we had moved beyond a purely professional relationship to that of friend/comrade... I couldn't have asked for a better partner throughout this process. You moved the ball down the field in ways that at times both astounded and humbled me.

  -- Hartley Goldstone, co-author of TrustWorthy,
      from an unsolicited e-mail dated 10/16/2012

Frank -- As you know, I have given a copy of our oral history to both the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the Austrian National Fund Archive (that runs a library with such histories). Both wanted a written transcript for their purposes. I asked the Austrian Embassy to prepare such a written version of the portions of the history that dealt with our departure from Austria. Its product is attached. I thought you might like to see how well it turned out.

  -- Peter D. Ehrenhaft, Washington attorney and former
     Treasury Dept. official, in an unsolicited e-mail 5/9/2011
Clotilde Mauboussin died on Ash Wednesday [and] I was the only one asked to speak at the Mass to deliver the eulogy. You can imagine the pressure -- and the gratitude for those interviews [being] available... Thanks to you, Frank, I was able to listen to a couple of hours or her talking about her early life... That [oral history of Clotilde and Jacques] was awesome. Thank you again for all your good work.
   -- Andrea Maloney-Schara, from an unsolicited e-mail 2/26/2012 
I worked with Frank during 1996-99 at Discovery Institute. We co-produced books, analytical papers, media events and a website on generations. Frank proved to be a great listener -- invaluable for a chronicler, because it allows him to detect new links and connect ideas. In my view, his gift is in interpreting patterns that otherwise go unnoticed, and then turning them into beneficial assets.

  -- Rob Crowther,

Frank Gregorsky has brought his trenchant writing and broad knowledge to many subjects. I relied on his research extensively for a book on foreign policy and know that many Washington insiders consider him a treasure trove of information on politics and policy. If you want to write with punch and impact, Gregorsky is the go-to guy. Or, if your manuscript needs the services of a skilled surgeon to leave the critical list, Frank will nurture it to health.

  -- Mona Charen, syndicated columnist and author of Useful Idiots

cropped.jpg (10114 bytes) As executive-director of the Bionomics Institute, I worked with Frank from mid-1994 right through to our farewell Board meeting in March of 2000. His public-policy experience led us to ask him to speak at our conferences, but it was his keen ability to observe and chronicle our evolving movement that kept us inviting him back to attend strategy sessions. You can rely on Frank to make a complex situation both concise and complete.

  -- Steve Gibson, chief operating officer, NITA, 2006-2009

In 2003 I asked Frank to interview my parents. I was ecstatic over the product and my four siblings liked it too. Our father recently died and my sisters told me that listening again to a wonderfully edited and presented life story brought them solace and joy during a tough time. And we'll be able to enjoy these CDs for a long time to come and hand them down to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A priceless asset.

  -- Don Morrissey, Huawei Technologies (USA)

Bill is at a loss for words and can't even speak right words during his periods of confusion. They call it 'Sundowners' in Alzheimer's. He has his days and nights reversed and has no sense of time. After listening to the CDs [we made with you in 2002], it made me glad that we have a record of his voice in his good days telling the story of his life... You might use my testimony about doing one's life story while you have your memory as you never know if, or when, it might be too late!

  -- Marilyn Williams, Ellenwood GA


Mother asked if I would contact you to say thanks. She was so pleased you made the interview. It is a treasure, and it will be there for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I thought you did a fabulous job preparing questions and getting the family involved in what would be asked. You were also great with Mother, laid back and present with gentle questions. It was just right!

  -- Joanne Bowen, Ph.D. and President of the
     Murray Bowen Archives Project of Leaders for Tomorrow

Frank -- Except for our own Lions District and International Officers who always preside at the head table, you were the most prepared presenter we've had in a long while. You made most everybody think -- about families, and all their years of stories. Not sure that very many of us are going to do anything to make our own recordings, but you did communicate why this kind of oral history can be valuable. We highly enjoyed your talk.
   -- Joe Volpe, member of the Vienna (Host) Lions Club 

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